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Caroline writes a lot.


Whether she's writing TV Pilots, fake ad campaigns, web series episodes, feature films, text messages, shorts, absurdly long (or very short!) emails, inspiring instant messages filled with ridiculous metaphors about life, really bad novels, really angry but passionate Facebook posts, articles for comedy websites, the rare twitter post, or a stand up set that she is unlikely to ever perform, no one can deny that Caroline writes much more than the average bear.


In fact, she writes so much that her physical therapist asked her to take a week off to try to fix her tendonitis, and she still couldn't help herself!

On this page, you can check out selections (or descriptions) of her work! Please contact Caroline if you would like to read more of her work.


Screenplays, Teleplays, and Shorts

My writing partner Kirk helping me write "Dave? Dave!"

Liza's Lizards

My first feature film screenplay, Liza's Lizards, was a Second Rounder in the 2015 Austin Film Festival Screenplay and Teleplay Competition.


A young investment banker must help her genius autistic sister enter adulthood on a wild road trip filled with hitchhikers, motorcyclists, and philosophically inclined strippers.


This half hour comedy script is currently a Semi Finalist in the 2017 Made in NY: Writers Room Competition hosted by WGA East. 


It features a team at an off brand cereal company, "Cere-Ol" that decides to become the greatest cereal company in the world and go up against their big rivals, "Pilsbur."

Iced Out

Short Drama Screenplay about a middle school aged ice hockey player who has to convince her male coach and teammates that she deserves to be on their team.

Dave? Dave! A Comedy

Dave? Dave! is a web series that features the conversations that my boyfriend (Dave) and I have when we're alone. You can now watch the series on youtube!

Brynja MD

This half hour comedy features a newly licensed therapist (who, probably shouldn't be a therapist) as she takes on the worst spoiled brat on the Upper East Side of NYC.

Untitled High Fantasy/Comedy Pilot

This hour long fantasy/comedy pilot takes all the action and drama of Game of Thrones with all the fun of Princess Bride.


The show follows three young women who are destined to save their world from an evil dictator with the help of a rather naive wizard.

Sketch Comedy Packet

This Sketch Comedy Packet consists of numerous SNL-Style Sketches, Desk Bits, and Monologue Jokes perfect for Late Night Comedy Shows.



My writing partner Kirk encouraging me to take a break.


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