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Is it true???

Yes, it's true. I was a comedian in NYC for 6 years...


Back in 2014 I moved to NYC, spent a year working as a Junior Producer at McCann NY, and then left my job to become a full time freelance comedian & comedy writer

I was most prolific as a writer. My first feature film screenplay was a quarterfinalist in the 2015 Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition, & several of my copy tv pilot scripts placed in competitions like the Made in NY Writers Room Competition in 2017. I also co-wrote scripts for several web series including my own.

The work I'm most proud of during this period was "Dave? Dave!* The Webseries." We filmed 15 two minute episodes in less than a month for under $500 and were featured in a handful of competitions.

*We realized nearly immediately that this was a terrible name SEO-wise but by that point it was too late!

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