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Caroline Swift Holden

Product Manager, Startup & Venture Specialist, Creative Entrepreneur

My Skills

With my startup background, I build products fast and with great attention to detail.

With my background in the arts, I know how to to surprise & delight users with good design and human connection.

Product Management

Roadmapping, A/B Tests, Project Management, & Design

Startup & Venture Strategy

Market Analysis, financial modeling, deep industry knowledge & contacts

Relationship Management

Account Management, Sales, & Customer Service

Content Marketing

Copywriting, film production, graphic design

Video Production

Over 15 years of digital filmmaking with tools like Final Cut X & Adobe Suite.


Why Caroline?

At first glance, Caroline's resume can look a little... eccentric.

With 6+ years of experience in startups, VC's, & tech, plus an additional 6 years as a comedian in NYC and as a filmmaker, it's easy to see why.

However, what you don't necessarily see on paper is the drive, commitment, & loyalty that Caroline has placed into each role. 

When you hire Caroline, you're not getting your average employee.


You're getting someone who is passionate, who goes the extra mile, who can identify & solve cross-disciplinary problems, & who can motivate teams to succeed.

Want a cookie cutter employee? Sure, I get it.

But, if you want someone who is going to change your organization for the better, hire Caroline.



Screen Shot 2023-05-12 at 4.51.35 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-05-15 at 1.35.47 PM.png

Former Colleagues Say...



I'm most interested in finding a role where I can work collaboratively with team members / clients, and have time for focused work in either research or creative endeavors.

I love big picture roles. Nothing gets me more excited than taking a tiny idea and scaling it into something big. Think creating a new marketing strategy, or developing a new product, or researching & investing in a new company.

Too generic? Let's be more specific.

Product Management

I'm most interested in working in Product (or other cross disciplinary roles) at startups or larger organizations in industries that are changing the world. Climate Tech, AI, Mental Health, or helping people in some way are all things I am interested in.

Venture Capital

For the last 5 years, I have been dreaming of potentially running my own VC fund one day and I would be very interested in roles at a Venture Capital Fund, in Private Equity, or maybe even as a Consultant. I may be an unusual candidate for roles like these but I am incredibly motivated to learn and succeed in these spaces.

Content & Digital Journalism

This may be a bit of a long shot, but with well over 15 years of filmmaking experience, I would love to find a way to continue storytelling specifically around startups, tech, and current events.

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