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Account Manager | Growth Specialist

Mercato (a company) is a grocery delivery app for independent & specialty grocers across the US. I joined the team the day NYC locked down due to Covid-19 & experienced extreme exponential growth (10,000%+ YoY).


I immediately hopped onto our Merchant Support line with only two hours of training & helped answer hundreds of calls an hour on a four person team with only a few hours of training. As our team grew I helped train our new hires & helped our clients (aka Merchants) with delivery issues, technical difficulties, managing customers, & solving payment issues.


Now, I work as an Account Manager & Growth Specialist where I manage 300+ accounts, curate our monthly newsletter for 1000+ merchants, pitch new tool ideas to our UX team, & help develop new strategies, systems, & training materials for merchants & colleagues alike.

Examples of projects I have worked on includes but is not limited to:

  • Conducted research on "Mercato Green" customer subscription program, evaluated data, identified customer pain points, & proposed product / marketing changes to increase customer acquisition & retention.

  • Recognized major pain points in Mercato's fraud system, collaborated with analytics team to identify targeted clients & perpetrators, escalated results to senior team members & C Suite, & cut fraudulent sales substantially.

  • Co developed Business Review reporting system to better communicate client & customer pain points across product, operations, & marketing departments.

  • Curate training materials to train Merchant Support Team members on how to provide white glove quality service.

  • Write & produce bi monthly newsletter for 1000+ clients nationwide.

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Creative Entrepreneur | Content Creator

As an incredibly creative & entrepreneurial individual, I constantly find myself starting new projects, curating content for myself and clients, & teaching myself new skills and tools. I have worked as a freelance comedian, event manager, freelance writer, filmmaker, community manager, program / product manager, & more.

Some of my top projects have included:

I am currently the host of a Youtube show all about startups, tech, and the VC world. It's still in its infancy, but feel free to check out my episode about the graphic design startup Canva to get an idea for the show!

I developed product maps, business plans, and pitch decks for two company ideas: one called Gimmie which is a personalized shopping solution, and one called Haus which is sort of a gamified real estate meets tinder app.

I curate written and video content on innovation, creativity, and building compassionate, creative, collaborative teams for Linkedin, and my personal blog.

I was also an award winning comedian, wrote dozens of scripts, created 15 episode web series for under $500 in 3 months, performed improv and sketch in groups around NYC. You can check out one episode of my webseries "Dave? Dave!" below!

Comedy Writing Awards

  • Feature film script "Liza's Lizards" Quarterfinalist in 2015 Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition

  • TV Pilot "Cere-Ol" Semi Finalist in 2016 Made in NY Writers Room Competition, WGA East

  • Web Series Script "190 Lorimer" Nominated Best Comedy Series at 2018 Indie Series Award,

  • Created 15 episode web series in 3 months for $500

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Executive Assistant | Admin Operations is a venture capital firm with a unique shared services / "Company Factory" model and long term co working space. I worked directly with the C Suite and helped Loeb transform from a small 50 person shop to a 400+ person powerhouse in two years.


I assisted CEO /  Serial Entrepreneur Michael Loeb on projects for 20+ portfolio companies, internship program, & company rebrand.

Reported to Chief of Staff & Chief Revenue Officer.

Developed office systems & onboarded 300+ new hires.

Co-created sales training program and curriculum for 40+ portfolio company sales reps with CRO.

Managed Weekly Summer Speaker Series with guests specializing in VC's, Marketing, Crypto, Tech, & Leadership.

Curated events for 100-600+ guests at Carnegie Hall, Time Warner Center, Henri Bendels, & The Hamptons. Ran weekly happy hours, yoga classes, book club, etc.

Junior Producer "Production Coordinator"

Produced 50+ radio spots and animatics with budgets exceeding $100,000+.

Assisted 30+ producers on major campaigns for Mastercard, Verizon, Microsoft, L'Oreal, and Mucinex.


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