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My 2021 New Years Resolutions

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

My 2021 New Years Resolution is an ambitious two step goal:

I’m going to post on Linkedin AND TikTok once a day every day.

I haven’t always been the best at New Years Resolutions and this years task is definitely my most ambitious one yet so I have decided to simplify it down as best I can.

For TikTok, I’m going to make content focused on positivity, improving mental health, fun pep talks, and encouraging people to stop limiting themselves. My goal is to post daily so expect little to no editing and a whole lot of compliments directed your way!

For Linkedin, my goal is to post daily, incorporate a lot of the same positivity / improving mental health content from TikTok in addition to talking about creativity, innovation, technology, and the startup world.

Why am I doing this? Well, a few reasons.

First, I think it will be fun! Yes I may end up torturing myself with the daily schedule, but throughout 2020 I found myself missing creative projects and wanting to participate on these platforms that are booming. This year, I want to spend less time feeling the FOMO and more time actually making things happen!

Second, I’m really concerned with how much negative content spreads online and has taken over the internet. It’s certainly understandable especially after a year like this but at the same time, I think there need to be spaces for people to feel excited, creative, and joyful and I have always enjoyed working within and curating these types of creative, collaborative communities. Plus spreading joy, ideas, and crazy ideas with others always makes me happy so perhaps I’m being a wee bit selfish here!

I don’t know what the next year will bring me. This year, I’m going to be forcing myself to think more positively (within reason of course!), making people feel more confident and happier about themselves, and I’m going to spend more time making things actually happen.

Wish me luck on this ride, and if you ever catch me on a day when I’ve forgotten to post, please kindly send me some encouragement and I’ll make sure to get on it!

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