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Caroline's Comedy


Caroline graduated from the Peoples Improv Theatre's Improv Program in the summer of 2016 and has also taken improv and sketch writing classes at The United Citizens Brigade. She performs with her improv team "Gorgeous Plumber," and writes and acts with her sketch comedy team "Red Wedding" in addition to writing TV Pilots, feature film scripts, and stand up sets.

Caroline discovered theatre in her sophomore year of high school when she snuck out of lacrosse practice (against her mother's wishes) to go audition for her high school One Acts. After gaining the part of Ophelia in 15 Minute Hamlet, her mother exclaimed, "But isn't that the lead!?" and insisted that she do both lacrosse and theatre. Little did she know that Ophelia only had five lines in this adaptation but Caroline wowed her mother with her stuntwork of sprinting across the stage, jumping in the air, and sliding to her death with a rose in hand.

Thus began Caroline's entrance into the theatre thinking that she could be a brilliant dramatic actress. It would be another six years until she would realize that she was a terrible dramatic actress and should stick to writing and performing comedy instead. However, she did study a lot of theatre under Dona Freeman, Gary Gisselman, Karen Wilson, and Jeanne Willcoxon at St. Olaf College in addition to her film major.

Caroline in her first performance ever: playing Ophelia in 15 Minute Hamlet. This moment was shot during one of her five lines back in the spring of 2007.

Gorgeous Plumber (Improv)

Caroline is an ensemble member of the improv troupe "Gorgeous Plumber" as part of Thunderbolt Comedy. "Gorgeous Plumber" regularly performs on most Sundays at 8 PM at The Experiment Comedy Gallery in Williamsburg but can also be found at other venues in NYC.

Team Gorgeous Plumber's current promo pic! 

Red Wedding (Sketch)

Caroline is an ensemble member of the sketch comedy troupe Red Wedding. The team writes and performs sketches in venues across Manhattan. They will perform at this years SketchFest at the Peoples Improv Theatre on Saturday October 15th at 5:30 PM.

Here's a video of Red Wedding performing my sketch "Trollz." Warning: I play 12 year old Jason, and I swear a lot.

Stand Up Sets

Caroline also occasionally performs stand up sets but doesn't do so often enough and definitely needs to perform more (especially because she keeps writing sets!). Here's the only video of Caroline doing stand up, which also happens to be her first set ever (so don't judge her too much).

Caroline in the fall of 2009 playing Humpty Dumpty in Alice in Wonderland. She should have realized then that she was a comic and not a drama queen.

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